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Alexis Alias Bones,    Artist Illustrator

Alexis, also known by his artist pen name Bones is an NYC based artist who has studied at Parsons The New School of Design. Alexis has interests in Animation, Illustration, and 3D.

He graduated from his little high school, Community Health Academy of the Heights, where he interned for his art teacher and mentored other students. Alexis has also received artistic recognition from his school. Exhibitions he has participated in, have taken place at a citywide gallery show in Focal Point Gallery and CLOTH Gala and Auction.

Alexis work consists of 3D renders mixed with 2D, gifs and animation as well as 2D illustrations. The work also consists of different worlds and characters from those said worlds. Alexis' work is creatively dystopian and mythical rather than realistic, the characters that he makes are what make the worlds come to life, each character has a story even the smaller non apparent ones like in the litho image of the Rat King. Alexis enjoys making illustrations and 3D worlds that have a story. Alexis’ stories are not simple ones-offs, they all interconnect to give you a story that will hold you to the end.

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